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Magdalene, Woman of Light weaves the story of the life of Mary Magdalene, from her birth in Egypt and early training as a high priestess, to the search for the beloved, Jesus. It continues with his elevation of her as the first of his Apostles, the one he entrusts with carrying on his legacy, and the challenge this causes between Magdalene and the Apostle Peter. Through haunting music and song, the story tells of the transforming power of Magdalene and Jesus' love, the effect it had on them, on those around them and eventually on all those who would hear their call over the next 2,000 years.


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For us, Magdalene, Woman of Light is not just Magdalene's story, but the beginning of fulfilling the need for a new myth to live by, one that embraces the feminine/masculine paradigm. A flowing partnership that begins within and is reflected, in all its beauty, to the world around us.

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We envision a world where all people are accepted, life is honored and the Divine Feminine in all her glory is returned to unite us by igniting a fire of love within all people. From this, the story of Magdalene, Woman of Light is born.


Michele Wagner, Susan Griffin & Luma Lor (Kama Devi)