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Susan Griffin
Producer / Playwright / Lyricist


Susan's dream of becoming a writer came early and lasted through several other business careers. In 1989, she took the dream and made it a reality, undertaking the study of screenwriting, novel writing, short stories and articles along the way. She first made her way writing and publishing nonfiction articles, but found her real home in the land of "story". Her favorite form of story expression is screenwriting, which led her to co-produce a feature length film of her first screenplay, This Place of Love. She is currently completing her third screenplay.


Through Writer's Arbor, a company she co-created and founded, Susan has been coaching other writers from first draft to final manuscript for the last six years. Co-author of Partners, A Writer's Workbook, she gives workshops in writing and art. A visual artist all her life, Susan uses art to inspire and explore "story" in all its forms and structures.

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Susan Griffin
Producer / Playwright / Lyricist


In 2005, she and her sister published Blessings of the Field, a novel of historical fiction based on the life of their grandmother.


She began work on the rock opera, Magdalene, Woman of Light with her creative partner, Michele Wagner in 2000 and co-produced a Preview of it in 2005 with Michele and composer Luma Lor (Kama Devi), for the Boulder International Fringe Festival. In November 2007, a Staged Reading of the completed opera was performed at the Boulder Dinner Theatre for an invited audience of 300. Susan served as Producer for the successful launch of the first full production of Magdalene, Woman of Light at the New Denver Civic Theatre in October 2008.

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Susan Griffin
Producer / Playwright / Lyricist


Career Highlights


Screenwriter, producer -- This Place of Love


Writing coach and story consultant


Co-creator and facilitator for a number of workshops, including Partners, Visual Learning and Sophia, The Return of the Feminine


Freelance editor and literary assistant


Board member of Arts Village Colorado